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About full circle studio

The Studio was formed in 2010 with the collaboration of Matt and Amy Palmer. Together, they created beautiful jewelry from re-used materials of all kinds. Many of their pieces reflect the "Steampunk" movement but their unique style moves beyond this genre and into a class all it's own. Their creative ventures have expanded in 2017 and each is now pursuing their own styles and projects with Amy continuing the line of jewelry and Matt focusing on lighting, displays and sculpture.

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Jewelry: Bracelets, Earrings, Necklaces

Lighting: Fixtures and Lamps

Displays: Jewelry Stands and ?

Sculpture: Just Because


Abode Gallery, Stockholm, WI

The Purple Turtle, Stockholm


Direct Jewelry Sales

Prefab Lighting

Prefab Displays

Custom Orders


There's a World full natural and manufactured materials ready to fill a new purpose. We see potential for something new from something old.


Both Matt and Amy have a love for antiques and interesting artifacts from the past but we never set any limits on what we might use.